Work Visa

What is work visa?

In order to enter Australia, it is always mandatory to obtain a visa first. We all know the standard tourist visa allowing you to stay for holidays or visit a conference. However this doesn’t allow us to get a job or start a business in the country and start earning a money.

Because of this, you have to apply for a specific working visa if you plan to move to Australia and get a regular job, or if you want to stay for the working holidays.

Australia Work Visa

Working visa

Point system is used to evaluate each application. It considers your age, work experience, family history and level of English.

You have to be under 45 years and able to prove you worked in the area you are applying in the last 12 months.

There are two types: STSOL (short term), and MLTSSL (medium and long term).

The company that is hiring you has to pay the visa costs for you.


  • People with in-demand skills and professions
  • People speaking well English
  • People with sufficient finances

Visas allowing work

Visas that are not solely or primarily for work, but allow working.

Despite being focused primarily for students to allow attending a school in Australia, it allows to work 20 hours a week. So together with studying, you can find a part time job.


  • Valid passport
  • Enrollment as a school/course in Australia
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), of be in an exempt category
  • 6 years or older
  • Prove you have a welfare arrangement if you are under 18

Allows you to work full time, but only for 6 consecutive months. Also no change of employer is allowed.


  • 18 – 30 years old (Canadian, French and Irish citizens up to 35)
  • Valid passport
  • Cannot be accompanied by dependent children

Valid only for retirees, allows maximum of 40 hours of work every 2 weeks.

It’s not possible to apply for this type of visa since 2019. Only if you are an existing Investor Retirement Visa holder, or a former one.

Things you need to work

Apart from the visa, you will be required to obtain the following documents to be allowed to work.

  • Passport
  • Medicare or health insurance
  • Certification or attestation (to work in selected fields)
  • Tax File Number (recommended)

How to apply for Australia Work Visa

Getting the work visa is always more complicated than regular tourist visa. Fortunately in case of Australia, it’s easier than other countries as you can apply for the working visa online.

The official application form is very simple and intuitive. Just choose your situation and follow the steps.

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