Tourist Visa

What is a tourist visa

Australian Tourist visa is a mandatory travel authorization you need to obtain for leisure trips to Australia. You have to apply and receive the approved visa before you board the plane or boat, otherwise you won’t be allowed to enter the Australia.

Tourist visa allows you to travel as a tourist or attend a business meeting or event, but you are not allowed to work or study in Australia.

Australia Tourist visa types

Not long time ago, the only way to get a tourist visa was to physically visit the Australian embassy in your capital and process everything in person. Despite many countries still being required to process the visa this way, there are some countries whose citizens can apply and receive the visa online.

Electronic: ETA, eVisitor

Both are electronic visas and the easiest to obtain. The only difference are the eligible countries. eVisitor is intended for European countries while ETA is for rest of the world.

Both ETA and eVisitor are allowing multiple entries during 1-year period and each visit can last for maximum of 90 days. If you need to stay longer, you have to apply for the visit visa even if you are citizen of one of the eligible countries.

Visitor visa/Tourist stream

Visitor visa allows stay for maximum of 12 months. It is intended for countries that are not eligible for ETA or eVisitor, or want to stay longer. It is also online visa but the price is higher (starts at 145 AUD = approx. 102 USD/89 EUR)

Countries eligible for electronic visas

ETA (subclass 601)

United States of America



Hong Kong




South Korea

eVisitor (subclass 651)

All EU countries






San Marino


United Kingdom


How to apply for the tourist visa

ETA/eVisitor visa

The fastest and the easiest visa to obtain. Just complete an online form with your personal details and passport number, and in less than 2 days, you will have your approved visa delivered via email.

Visit visa

You have to apply using the official Department of Home Affairs website. Choose the purpose of your visit, nationality and follow the steps.

Australian Embassies

Most of the tourist don’t need to visit an embassy to get a visa. However in case you need to visit one, see the list of all Australian embassies.

Still not sure which visa you need? Use the official visa finder.

The official visa application:
eVisitor | ETA

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